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Exercise Your Way to Better Vocal Delivery

We all know we should exercise.  We get the message several times a day from fitness gurus and doctors.  The advantages of exercise are limitless, it seems.  But have you thought about the effect it might have on your voice?

Let’s look at a typical day.  You probably sit at your computer right up until time to record because you are checking your script and preparing for your recording session.  The problem with this scenario is that when you sit for more than 20 minutes your blood tends to pool in the trunk of your body.  This means less blood going to the brain, which is where it needs to be if you’re going to sound sharp and energetic for your voicing.

Exercise improves your circulation and therefore more blood goes to your brain and muscles to get you ready to sound your very best.  And the good news is that you don’t have to sweat for an hour to have this effect.  Research from California State University has shown that a 10-minute walk will boost your energy for up to two hours.  (Check this out for some variations on walking that can be done by your desk.)

So get out there and hoof it before you go to the booth to record or just march in place for a few minutes.  You’ll feel better, sound better and think better!

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