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Add Vocal Energy to Your Voice

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Do you wish your voice sounded more lively and upbeat?  Vocal energy is the key.

Here are two quick ways to increase your vocal energy.

First, stand up when you voice.  The simple act of standing helps you breathe better.  Also, when we sit for more than 20 minutes, our blood pools in the trunk of our body.

Second, after you stand up but before you begin to voice, do a little exercise for a minute or so to get your blood moving.  This could be as simple as walking in place, bringing your knees up as high as possible.  For a description check this out.

You can also swing your arms or reach overhead several times as if you’re picking apples that are just out of your reach.

By standing and moving a bit  we raise our heart beat and our blood starts cruising through all of the body.  More blood moving means our brain gets energized.  An energized brain means a livelier delivery, so stand up and get moving before you start to voice.

You might want to do some vocal warm-ups while you’re doing your physical warm-ups.  Check out this post for a few great ones to use!

If you’d like more vocal warm-ups, check out my ebook, the fifth edition of BROADCAST VOICE HANDBOOK.  You can download it instantly and get to work right now on your voice!


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