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Help! Where’s My Optimum Pitch???

This post is for my friend, Mike, in honor of his retirement last week:

I love it when a pearl of wisdom falls in my lap via email.  This happened last week when I heard from Mike Kronforst.  Mike has had a long career as a voice over artist, professor, counselor, and radio announcer.  Along the way he’s perfected some vocal exercises that work well.  I want to pass along the one he shared with me that relates to optimum pitch.

Here’s what Mike offers:

Speech books will sometimes spend a whole chapter on optimum pitch and get way more technical than necessary.  Here’s what I have students or someone I’m coaching do:  Sit up straight, or, as you suggest, stand and completely relax, especially in the upper body.  Next, breathe comfortably for a few seconds and then hum “Happy Birthday.”

After they’ve done this, I tell them that two things just happened:  first, this is probably very close to their optimum pitch because it’s pretty hard to lift your pitch and hum “Happy Birthday.”  The other thing that happened is they relaxed. I ask them to do it again and notice how their throat feels because this is about as relaxed as they can be and still produce sound.

It’s a simple exercise, but I’ve had good success with this technique.

Thanks, Mike, for this great method.  I hope all you readers are out there humming “Happy Birthday” right now!

If you read my blog regularly (which, of course, I hope you do!) you know that I recently wrote a blog on this topic: The Ups and Downs of Vocal Pitch.  Between Mike and me, you should find a technique that works for you to find your optimum pitch.

And if you have any pearls of wisdom about voice, please leave me a comment below.  I’d love to share them!

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