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Improving Your Interviewing Skills-Part II

Have you ever noticed how a Q & A is printed on line or in a magazine?  The questions are in bold and the answers are in regular type.  Plus, the questions are usually short.  Remembering this can help you avoid a big mistake that many broadcasters make when doing interviews.

First, let’s look at why printed questions are in bold.  They need to be read, that’s why!  They offer the skeleton structure for the Q & A.  If your questions are weak and your voice trails off at the ends of sentences, they aren’t doing their job of holding the interview together.  In a printed Q & A you don’t see the ink getting paler and paler as it comes to the end of the sentence do you?  Then don’t let your voice do that.  I tell my clients to make the last word of their question as strong as the first word.

So next time you’re doing a Q & A, keep the questions simple and direct (if you missed that post, see below), and make sure your voice is strong as you ask your questions.  That’s the winning combination!

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