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Follow-Up on Sounding Conversational

If you want to make your broadcasts sound conversational, you have to make them a conversation.  Last week’s blog entry explained how to do this (see entry below this one).  Basically, you have to imagine you’re talking to a person instead of just a microphone.

The next time you’re out with a friend, mentally observe their feedback as you’re talking to them.  If you can, make this an encounter with the person you plan to imagine when you’re voicing.  By mentally observing this person, you’ll be able to play the encounter back in your mind and imagine them reacting to your message when you’re voicing.

If imagining a person responding to you when you voice your podcast seems like a hard thing to do, I’ll give you a hint.  You’re already doing this every time you talk to some one on the phone.  We instantly see the person we’re talking to in our head when we call someone.  This is a technique you already have perfected.  Now just start doing the same thing when you’re voicing your podcast!

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