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Stay on Track with Healthy Changes

Train on TrackIf you read my blog often, you know I’m really into staying healthy and stress free so you can do the best job possible as a broadcaster or voiceover professional.  But if you’re like me, sometimes when you decide to make a healthy change you do it for a few days and then the old habits come back.

I recently read some great tips in Fitness Magazine (June 2013) that may help.  One is to make your proposed change very detailed.  Don’t go with a general idea of exercising more.  Decide what days you’ll exercise and exactly what you’ll do (check out this post for some ideas).  Then write out a contract with yourself including your detailed plan.  Sign it and tell other people you did this.  All these things will help you stay on track.  Don’t believe it?  Well, a study by the University of Scranton quoted in the Fitness article says you’re ten times more likely to stick to your plan if you sign a contract with yourself.

Another technique that’s been proven to work is having a back-up plan so if you get off course, you can rebound easily.  For example, if you decide to eat more healthy meals. and you slip into the Krispy Kreme box by mistake, use it as a red flag to think of alternatives.  Maybe you need to eat more for breakfast so you don’t crave a mid-morning hit of sugar.  Or maybe you should bring something less damaging to eat mid-morning like a protein bar (check out other snack ideas in this post).  The point is, don’t let one slip make you throw out your whole plan to eat better.  See the caution sign as a way to tweek your new eating plan.

Try these simple ideas to get your life on a healthy track.  If you want to sound and feel better, this little extra effort might be just what you need.

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