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Olympians’ Gold-Medal Snacks

SkiJumperWant to be at the top of your game for that live shot or voiceover job?  Nutrition plays a big part in being a winner.

With the Olympics in full swing, I was wondering how these athletes eat to win.  I’m especially interested in what snacks they have during the day.

I was glad to read in a recent issue of Health magazine that they follow pretty much the regime that I have always advised clients to use.

For snacks to be effective, they must be a combination of protein and carbohydrates.  We love the carbs alone (think donuts), but without the protein we get a rush of blood sugar and then bottom out (click here to read my post on this).

Here are some examples of the snacks Olympic athletes eat that were listed in the Jan./Feb. issue of Health:

Hilary Knight, Ice hockey player:  Trail mix made of cashews, chocolate chips, and dried cherries.

Kikkan Randall, Cross-country skier:  Hot cereal with yogurt, berries, nuts and a splash of maple syrup.

Erin Hamlin, Luger:  Protein bar such as a Clif or PR bar.

Sarah Hendrickson, Ski jumper:  Cereal with yogurt and a banana with peanut butter.

Julie Chu, Ice hockey player:  A protein shake made of whey protein, bananas and cinnamon.

These are all gold medal-winning snacks that achieve that perfect combination of protein and carbs.

What are your favorite healthy snacks?  Share them in a comment below!

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