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It’s Time to Goof Off!

Child&LadyinGardinI bet you didn’t know that March 22 is “National Goof Off Day.”  That doesn’t mean that every year you can skip work on that day, but it is a reminder that we should all focus more on putting some fun in our lives.

Animal and human studies have found that play helps your immune system, reduces blood pressure and can make you more resilient.  In other words, fun helps you work and live more effectively.

There are lots of scientific studies on this.  The most basic one shows that simply smiling stimulates the release of the feel-good endorphins in our bodies.

You’re the best expert on what you like to do to have fun.  You can start small by taking a 5-minute break a day to do something fun.

Here’s a list of some of the things clients have told me they do when they want to have some fun:


Playing with children

Observing the beauty of nature


Doing any hobby such as painting, playing cards, working on model trains or planes

Riding a bike

Playing with animals

Going to a toy store

Spending time in a hammock or simply sitting and watching the clouds or stars

You can expand this list to include anything from bungee jumping to skydiving.  There are hundreds more ways to have some fun in your life.

I suggest you find something you love to do and begin to schedule it into your life today.  Consider it to be as necessary as getting to work every day or eating at the right times.  Don’t let anything get in the way of your fun time once it’s scheduled.  You will be happier, and you just might be a better broadcaster or voiceover artist!

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