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Three Updates to Improve Your Body and Your Work

Pink 3Stand Up & Think Better

I’ve written about the value of standing versus sitting in a previous post. But new research is finding even more benefits. Studies from Washington University showed that standing increases creativity. In addition, a study at Indiana University proved that after an hour of sitting your arteries’ ability to relax is 50% less. That’s not good news, so stand for at least 5 minutes every hour to help your arteries and up your creativity.

Take More Breaks

Carson Tate, author of Work Simply, has a simple suggestion:  After you’ve worked 50 minutes, stop and take a 10 minute break.  This could be standing and walking around or doing a short, 10-minute meditation.  Either one will give you better productivity.

Want even more ways to improve your productivity and creativity? Meditation may be the answer. A study in the journal, Mindfulness, found that 20 minutes of meditation resulted in more creativity. Meditation has been shown to produce real, measurable changes in the brain according to the magazine, Neurology Now. Other studies have found increases in memory as a result of daily meditation. Check out this post for more of the benefits of meditation and learn how simple it can be.  Taking a 20-minute break to focus on your breathing or a word or a phrase like, Relax, pays off big-time so extend one of your breaks to include this!

Eat Dark Chocolate & Live Longer

Now here’s research we can all get behind! A study at Louisiana State University showed dark chocolate may reduce inflammation of the cardiovascular tissue thus reducing the risk of stroke. Chocolate contains antioxidant flavonols, which have been shown to reduce blood pressure and improve blood flow to the heart.

Wants some nuts with your chocolate?  All nuts are a healthy addition to our diets, but walnuts have been shown to be especially beneficial to all our cardio systems. Walnuts can lower blood pressure, help prevent heart attacks, and fight blood clots. Watch the calories, but make walnuts a part of your diet. Toss them in salads, cereal, and vegys, bake them in muffins and cookies, or just eat some along with your chocolate.

Want additional info on healthy eating and relieving stress?  Ck out my book, BROADCASTER’S SURVIVAL GUIDE.  You can download it instantly by clicking here.


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