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Why Voice Work for Podcasters?

You may think that voice doesn’t matter in podcasts. I’ve heard people say, “It’s only a podcast. I’m just gonna wing it.” This approach may mean you’re losing hundreds of listeners five seconds into your podcast.

Let me explain. If you typed a note or memo to send to someone by snail mail, would you send it if it had smudges of ink and words crossed out on it? Probably not because you would assume you’d be judged negatively by how it looked. But what about a podcast that’s voiced with sentences that trail off at the ends or one that sounds like it’s being read? That reflects negatively on the podcaster, right? So your message can be sabotaged by a poor delivery. Why go to the trouble of making a podcast if your voice is going to kill it?

My blog entries will give you lots of tips about how to make your voice better. For a hint of what’s to come, check out This Week’s Quick Voice Tip below.

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