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Three Ways to Slow Down This Month

As a broadcaster or voiceover artist, often your life has to be lived at a “pitch near madness,”* in order to get everything done.  But if you want to enjoy the holidays and continue to do your job well, how about trying some ways to slow down during December.

First, don’t even think of giving up exercise, because it’s one of the best stress-busters.  If you’re not doing it, now is a good time to start.  But instead of running or going crazy on the elliptical machine, take a walk outside.  That way you combine exercise and nature, both of which cut stress.  And you might want to use your walking time to think about gifts to purchase or people you you would like to see over the holidays.  We actually think more creatively when exercising.

Next, make the first few minutes of your day (or longer if possible) free of digital devices or newspapers.  Just by looking at the news first thing in the morning, you are depriving your mind of any relaxed time.  Even a quick look at the news or emails puts our minds on stress alert.  And if the mind is stressed, the body is too.  So take a break each morning.  During this time you might try doing the third thing explained below.

Breathe!  It sounds simple, but just concentrating on your inhalation and exhalation for a couple of minutes can have a positive effect on your entire body.  And you can use this all during the day.  I find it especially helpful when I fall into catastrophic thinking.  There’s sure to be lots of that this month with travel, gift buying, family visiting, and other holiday pressures.  So make it a habit to focus on your breathing several times a day.  Repeating “Breathing in” on the inhalation and “Breathing out,” on the exhalation works for me.  If you want to learn more about breathing, watch my video by clicking here.

Slowing down this month may seem a contradiction, but if you try it, I think you’ll find it not only makes for a better month, but it helps you keep going at work!

For more on stress relief, check out my book by clicking here.  At just $4.99, this book makes a great, inexpensive gift for anyone.

*Taken from a poem by Richard Eberhard by the same name.





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