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Getting Weary? Start Walking!

I recently read that the first sign of burn out is weariness. Can you relate? I certainly can. The longer we are forced to deal with the pandemic, racial strife, and the upcoming election, the more we may find ourselves feeling weary.

Fortunately, there’s a sure-fire way to deal with weariness and stress, and that’s exercise. I’ve blogged many times about this (check out my most recent blog by clicking here. ). But the situation we’re in today makes exercise even more important.

Read what one expert says about the relationship of COVID and other diseases and exercise: “We know from research that physical activity can build a healthier immune system and overall wellness, which help minimize harmful effects of illness and disease,” said Barbara Ainsworth, chair of the American Fitness Index Advisory Board (USA Today, 7/14/2020).

The benefits of exercise are almost too numerous to count. It helps with sleep, improves your memory, protects against many chronic diseases like heart problems and diabetes, and it boosts your immunity. There’s really no downside to exercise. I even found a great website that lists “60+ Benefits of Exercise” if you’re not convinced. Check it out at fitnazz.com.

Perhaps the most important benefit of exercise right now, though, is it boosts your mood. A 2019 article in Depression and Anxiety reported that regular exercise has a calming effect by cutting anxiety levels. That sounds good to me!

Let’s look at the simple act of walking as an example.

Walking is something that’s easy to integrate into your day because you don’t need special equipment, you can do it anywhere, and you don’t have to walk for hours. A brisk, 30-minute walk outside, on a treadmill, or in a building can do the trick. And, as with all exercise, it doesn’t have to be done in one block of time. Break it into three, 10-minute walks or two, fifteen-minute walks or whatever fits into your day.

Of course, feel free to explore other types of exercises that are more strenuous. If gyms are closed in your area, there are great videos online.

Any movement that slightly raises your pulse rate will give you the great mental and physical benefits of exercise. But, especially during this tough time, nothing beats walking for a quick boost to your mood. So stand up, and get walking!

To learn more about how exercise can help your body and your voice, too, check out my ebooks, BROADCAST VOICE HANDBOOK and BROADCASTER’S SURVIVAL GUIDE (only $4.99). Available to download instantly on my website.




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