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Prepare For What’s Coming

As 2022 begins, I’m sure you were hoping, as was I, that things would return to “normal.”  But reading this quotation made me rethink that: “We’re not going to get to a point where it’s 2019 again,” (Dr. Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security). So here are some thoughts for you broadcasters and voiceover artists on how to move into the unknown.

First, the beginning of another year is a good time to look back and assess what has worked for you during the pandemic.  Perhaps you found more time to exercise or relax.  Maybe you reevaluated whether your career is going in the direction you want it to.  Make a list of what worked, and let it be a guide for the coming year.

Secondly, make an attempt not to compare the life you’re leading now to what used to be a normal life for you.  Our lives may never be as predictable as they once were.  Travel for pleasure may have to be planned based on the changes happening in our country and other countries.  Schools and businesses may have to go into remote mode as events occur.  And we may be wearing masks for certain situations for some time to come.

Scientists are telling us that more viruses will emerge because of global warming and deforestation.  One thing that can be helpful is to think in terms of preparing for viruses just as we prepare for other events like hurricanes, blizzards, and forest fires.

You reporters know how helpful Go Bags can be so why not create a “Sickness Go Bag?”  Put things in it to help you if you’re suddenly sick and must isolate.  Include a good thermometer, masks, acetaminophen for fever, crackers to eat if any meds make you queasy, a gallon of water, maybe some Gatorade or Pedialyte to stay hydrated, lozenges, and any cold meds that work for you. I find having several cans of soup is helpful.  These you can cook or someone can prepare for you. Also, remember to have a charger and a cable for your electronic equipment. And don’t forget any toiletries you might need.  These items can make you more comfortable through the flu, colds, and any new respiratory viruses.

Let’s hope 2022 brings more freedom for us and less illness.  But just in case, be prepared!






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