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These mp3’s are great for listening to in the car. I can do the exercises while driving to school or work!” Ramona, Television Reporter

Lesson 1:  Maintaining a Healthy Voice With Dr. Ann Utterback “FREE: TRY BEFORE YOU BUY”

Listening to this 10-minute recording you’ll learn how to take care of your voice and keep it healthy.   Dr. Utterback explains how tension affects the voice, and she takes you through a series of exercises to relax the vocal tract.  You’ll also be instructed in how to use pitch to give your voice more variety. Download this MP3 by clicking on the Free Download button above.

Improving Articulation With Dr. Ann Utterback

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Articulation is the forming and shaping of speech sounds.  Good articulation adds precision and credibility to your voice.  In this 10-minute recording Dr. Utterback takes you through a series of articulation warm-ups that get your tongue, lips, and jaw ready to articulate well.   She explains how omissions of sounds can weaken your credibility and make your podcast sound sloppy.  To polish your delivery, download this MP3 and practice daily.


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