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“Highly recommended reading, and NOT just for BroadcastersThe information in BROADCASTER’S SURVIVAL GUIDE applies to everyone who uses their voice professionally:  voice actors, singers, telemarketers, everyone.  I didn’t plan on reading it in one night, but I couldn’t put it down.  It’s super interesting, and jam-packed with helpful information.”

Sherril Stewart, Director of Admissions/Voice Evaluation Coach at Voice for All

“Ann Utterback helps us understand that we can’t tell the story if we are physically and mentally unable to tell the story. Helping us to be our best so we can do our best is what this book is all about.”
— Bob Priddy, News Director, the Missourinet

Second Edition e-book, Published 2012, 207 pages

Helpful for Broadcasters, Voice Artists, and Journalism Students!

There is no profession more stressful than broadcasting.  One of the most common ways broadcasters sabotage their careers is by letting the stress of the business affect their performance.  The same can be true for voiceover artists, actors, and public speakers.

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This e-book explains stress and how to deal with it in healthy ways.  It is the only book on this subject for broadcasters.  It also includes advice from the experts, Broadcasters in the Trenches, who write about real-life struggles covering stressful events like 9/11.  The Broadcaster’s Survival Kit provides info to help you hit the ground running when a crisis happens as well as great tips for your daily life.

Broadcaster’s Survival Guide is a self-help manual for on-air staff, producers, writers, news directors, journalism students, voice actors, and public speakers. It’s sure to be a guide that is referred to over and over.

You’ll learn about:

•  Recognizing and coping with stress

•  Seeking balance in your life

•  Getting the exercise and nutrition you need

•  Learning to relax during your workday

•  Dealing with the common cold, working overnights, traveling and avoiding stressors

•  And much more (see complete Table of Contents below).

And best of all, each section includes Healthy Suggestions you can put into practice immediately for a life that’s healthier and more relaxed.

“Broadcast journalism can eat you alive.  What can you do?  Read Ann Utterback’s book.  It’s packed with tips to help beleaguered broadcasters bring balance to their frazzled lives, and to help students make smart life choices as they face their first career stress tests.” Dave Cupp is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Journalism & Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Former Anchor & News Director, WVIR-TV, Charlottesville, Virginia.


Broadcaster’s Survival Guide:  Staying Alive in the Business Second Edition

By Ann S. Utterback, Ph.D.



by David Cupp, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina


1.  Making Your Life Work as a Broadcaster

2.  Seeking Balance

Facing the Chronic Stress of Broadcasting

Layers of Stress

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Effects of Stress

On-Air Delivery

Becoming a Comfortable Communicator

Stress and Voice


Stress and the Body

Taking Care of Your Body

Don’t Mask Your Stress

Negotiate for a Better Life

Healthy Suggestions

3.  Coping With Stress

What is Stress?

How Your Body Reacts

The Negative Effects of Stress on the Body

Good Stress Versus Bad Stress

Panic Attacks

How Stressed Are You?

Healthy Suggestions

4.  Getting the Exercise You Need

What is Aerobic Exercise?

The Health Benefits of Exercise

Special Benefits of Exercise for Broadcasters

What Type of Exercise Works?

Common Excuses Not To Exercise

The Benefits of Stretching

The Benefits of Vocal Exercises

Healthy Suggestions

The Bottom Line on Exercise


5.  Getting the Nutrition You Need

Benefits of Eating Well

Improving Your Diet


Blood Sugar

Importance of Breakfast





Healthy Meals and Snacks

Avoiding the Wrong Foods





Getting the Hydration You Need

Benefits of Water

How Much Water?

In Summary

Healthy Suggestions

The Bottom Line on Eating Well

6.  Learning to Relax

What is Relaxation

Importance of Daily Relaxation

Technology Can Increase Stress

Taking Time to Relax

Reasons for Avoiding Relaxation

The Relaxation Response

The Effectiveness of the Relaxation Response

Automatic Response Versus Learned Response

Ways to Reach the Relaxation Response


Focused Relaxation

Steps of Focused Relaxation

Focus on the Breath

Other Helpful Ways to Relax

Fitting Relaxation Into Your Day



Constructing Affirmations


Assisted Forms of Relaxation

Recorded Relaxations





Healthy Suggestions

The Bottom Line on Relaxation


7.  Avoiding Pitfalls

The Common Cold

What is a Cold?

Causes of Colds and Flu

Treatment for a Cold

Avoiding Colds


Effects of Nicotine on the Adrenal Glands

Cigarettes and Cancer

Effect of Combining Cigarettes and Alcohol

Secondhand Smoke

What Happens When You Stop?



Wrist and Arm Protection

Avoiding Back Injuries


Air Travel

Hydration While Flying

Nutrition While Flying

Hotels and Restaurants

Emergency Health Kit for Travel


Working Overnights and Jet Lag

Ways to Improve Sleep

Healthy Suggestions

Reporter’s Survival Kit

Ten Quick Stress Busters to Use Today

Emergency Fanny Pack


Emergency Food for Busy Broadcasters

Coping with Stalkers:  A Safety Checklist

14 Healthy Lifestyle Changes for Better Sleep

How Well Am I Coping Today Checklist

Broadcasters in the Trenches

Covering Stressful Weather Events

Hurricanes and Tornadoes by Elliot Wiser

Severe Winter Weather by Dan Shelley

Stressful Stories

Stories That Haunt You by Desirée Berenguer Carton

On the Front Lines In a Crisis

September 11 at the Pentagon by Mike Walter

September 11 in Pennsylvania by Sherry Stalley

The D.C. Area Serial Snipers by Neal Augenstein



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