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Read what professionals, educators and top broadcasters like Walter Cronkite say about Dr. Utterback and her training materials:

“Ann is the best voice coach in the country.”

Elliott Wiser, Vice President of News, Bright House Networks

” Ann Utterback in splendid style shows the way.”

Walter Cronkite, CBS anchorman (1962-1981)

“Dr. Utterback showed me how to make the most of my voice while remaining true to myself using simple techniques. Her advice is invaluable to anyone.”

Page Hopkins, FOX News Channel

“Dr. Ann Utterback’s book is packed with valuable advice that can help make your voice problems go away.”

Dave Cupp, Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

“I have seen the results of Ann’s work first-hand. The improvement among those who studied with her was remarkable. They not only sounded better on the air, but they felt better about themselves.”

Michael Freedman, Former General Manager, CBS Radio, New York

“For novice and seasoned professional, Dr. Utterback offers prescriptions for conversational delivery. Her books are invaluable tools for making stories come alive. My students leave the classroom knowing what it took years for me to learn on the job.”

Jill Olmsted, Associate Professor, The American University, Washington, D.C.

“Ann Utterback is so much more than a voice coach. Working with her has not only made me better at my job, but she’s helped me balance my career and my life outside of the newsroom.”

Lauren Ashburn, Former Reporter/Anchor, USA Today Television, Washington, D.C.

“Contacting Ann for the first time was the start of a great relationship. I not only consider her my voice coach but my mentor and friend as well. Working with her has improved my on-air delivery and helped me stay more focused.”

Desirée Berenguer, Reporter, News 12, New Jersey